Frescon Oy also manufactures products for its partners for their own brands.

Our expertise focuses on healthcare, cosmetic, massage and disinfection products, as well as equestrian products on the animal side. We can manufacture products throughout the entire production process- from the beginning to the end, or just for a desired work stage. Our contract manufacturing customers include pharmaceutical companies, as well as massage and equine supply chains.

Our customer relationships are based on long-term cooperations and partnerships. If needed, we can also be involved in the planning of our customers’ products. We create, develop and provide our customers with new innovations.



  • We propose manufacturing formulas or develop readymade formulas
  • We register healthcare products and take care of the required documentation
  • We will help you update your labels, when needed


Materials and manufacturing

  • We acquire raw materials and packaging materials for our customers
  • We monitor the quality of the products during every working stage and store sample batches
  • We archive the manufacturing information of product batches


Shipping and after sales activities

  • We ensure the correctness of deliveries
  • Any deviations will be notified in advance
  • We quickly fix any defects or mistakes


We carry out contract manufacturing to different extents. In its simplest form, it involves packing. Companies will, if necessary, obtain flexibility in their own business operations or they can transfer part of their packaging operations entirely to us. Our contract packaging customers include for example detergent companies and various wholesalers.

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